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Joshua Tree Clean Team 2016 Schedule

January - May 2016 Schedule

Every 2nd, 4th & 5th Wednesdays

8:00am to 9:00am


January 13 - Hwy 62 / Sunny Vista (north side)

January 27 - Hwy 62 / La Contenta (north side)

February 10 - Joshua Tree Library

February 24 - M.D.L.T. Hwy 62 / Olympic (north side)

March 9 - Yucca Mesa / Buena Vista (southwest corner)

March 23 - Hwy 62 / Sunburst (north side)

March 30 - Hwy 62 / Saddleback (south side)

April 13 - Hwy 62 / Hillview (south side)

April 27 - Yucca Mesa / Canterberry (west on Canterberry)

May 11 - Hwy 62 / Sherwood (north side - dirt road between Torres & Olympic)

May 25 - Hwy 62 / Outpost (north side)


There will be trash bags, grabber sticks and gloves available.



Park Rock Cafe, Z107.7, Mojave Desert Land Trust, Joshua Tree Outfitters, Joshua Tree

Recreation & Park, County of San Bernardino Waste Management, Cal Trans and Staff,

Coyote Corner and the Hi-Desert Star.


For more information, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or go to the

Facebook page @ Joshua Tree Clean Team.


Easy Steps

Easy Steps to Take to Become a Zero Waste Home

By Guest Contributor Katie Comer

Becoming a zero waste home can be an easy task for all family sizes. Being friendly to the

environment is one of the many benefits of a zero waste home. Using these four steps, you

and your family can be on your way to establishing a zero waste home:


Reducing your item usage sounds challenging, but it is actually one of the easiest ways to

become a zero waste home. Start by transferring your bills from paper copies to electronic.

You can also make all of your payments online. Eliminating check payments can not only

save you money, but can also eliminate waste. Another step to reduce is by making shopping

lists. Plan out meals for the week, or make a list of items you need before waling into any

store. This can save you time and money! We all have thrown away our spoiled groceries,

or never taken tags off a sweater we just had to buy. Making a list before shopping can

help eliminate waste in your home.

Reduce your energy usage at home by converting to solar panels. Solar panels are a

cleaner form of energy than using oil or natural gas. Check out some resources below

such as for some great information on converting to solar panels, and

how this can save your family money and waste each month.


Via Modernize


Swap wasteful items for reusable items. Eliminate paper products, like paper towels and shopping

bags. Use cloth napkins and reusable bags to eliminate waste, while saving money. Use a water bottle

instead of a plastic bottle and always remember to bring a coffee mug for your morning brew at work.

Another way to reuse items in the kitchen is by saving aluminum foil after usage. You can usually reuse

foil 2-3 times. After use, wash and let the foil dry. You can reuse it to cover up leftovers or bake foods in

the oven. If the foil is too badly soiled with food, rinse it as best as you can and place it in the recycling bin.


Via Purposely Frugal


One of the easiest ways to become a zero waste home is to recycle. Aim to recycle 75 percent of

the items you use. If you have small children, you can put images on the recycle bin of items that

are recyclable. Earth is a great website to help you find where to recycle items. From

curbside pick up of glass, metal, paper and plastic, this site has everything you need to know about



Via Earth 911


Becoming a zero waste home isn't just about making small changes, it's about changing your lifestyle.

Make sure your family, and everyone living in the home, is on board with these changes. Challenge

each other to do more to eliminate waste. Hold each other accountable for making the necessary steps

to being a waste-free home. Make sure your habits, like keeping a reusable shopping bag in your car,

revolve around reducing unnecessary waste. Rethink the way your household can eliminate waste.

With these simple steps, you are one step closer to a zero waste home.


Via Pier8group


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