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Use your grass clippings to maintain your landscape and reduce unnecessary trips to the landfill and potential stormwater pollution effects.

San Bernardino County Green Waste Recycle Bins

Grass clippings
Tree trimming

Green Waste collection programs vary by community. Call your recycling coordinator for details and information on backyard composting and grasscycling/mulching.

Grasscycling reduces the amount of yard waste disposed in landfills. Research has shown that lawns can generate approximately 300 pounds of grass clippings per 1000 square feet annually. This can be as much as 6 1/2 tons per acre each year! Grass clippings are too valuable to throw away, and grasscycling allows this green material to be reused in our urban landscapes.

Grasscycling saves time, money, and protects the environment. Mowing time is reduced since the bagging and disposal of clippings is eliminated. Grass clippings add beneficial organic matter to the soil, which provides free fertilizer and produces healthy, green lawns. Grasscycling reduces turf grass fertilizer and water requirements, which can minimize toxic runoff entering storm drains and polluting lakes, creeks, and rivers.

For more information, visit the Grasscycling section of the CalRecycle website.




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